Our Suppliers


We have an excellent relationship with local farmers in the surrounding areas, giving us a fantastic supply of fresh seasonal produce.  Trying to source as local as possible to moderate food miles, only when we must do we source from further afield.  Sourcing from local growers and makers as much as we possibly can is really important to us at Heritage. We believe it helps to build more resilient communities. You can read more about some of our suppliers over on our blog.

Meet some of our suppliers

Fruit and Veg


Run by one of Ken Mortimer‘s oldest friend and his sons. Most of Bromham parish lies on the only area of Lower Greensand soil type in the county. It also has a unique micro-climate, which means produce matures earlier than elsewhere in the UK. Both these factors combined give fantastic fertility for growing and so the farm can offer a wide range of produce. This also makes Paget‘s Farm an exception to the rule in the horticulture industry – it continues to grow a variety of produce, rather than specialising in one crop, which is the way most other growers have now gone. Paget‘s is renowned for more niche vegetables, including purple cauiflower, a variety of squashes, beetroot, cavolo nero, kale and especially bunched carrots.

Bromham beets

D & J Hayward Growers

A family run farm business which has been running in Landford for three generations so far. Their aim is to produce a grade one product, harvested, packed and dispatched within 12 hours. They pride themselves on producing quality crops, using a balance of traditional farming techniques and modern technology, with the minimum amount of chemical intervention, whilst meeting the ever changing needs of consumers. Their produce includes tundra and savoy cabbage, leeks, pumpkin, squash, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, various varieties of kale, rainbow chard and flower sprouts.

Find out more in our blog and video here

The New Forest Fruit Company

A soft fruit growing business specialising in strawberries, asparagus and other small soft fruit. Because of their privileged growing location situated between the Solent and the New Forest National Park, New Forest fruits has the ideal microclimate for growing some of the best strawberries in the UK. With the use of modern growing systems including a range of varieties, New Forest have a very long picking season from March until the end of November.

Find out more about New Forest Fruits over on our blog here

The New Forest Fruit Company

Sunbeam Watercress

Established in 1934, Sunbeam is a family run business that aims to produce the highest quality watercress consistently for 52 weeks of the year. The watercress is grown and matured to perfection in beautiful natural chalk spring water, giving it a strong, unique peppery taste.

Only traditional methods are used on the farm, it is grown, cut, washed and packed by hand.

This ensures a natural product is supplied in its freshest state the same day to wholesale, restaurants, caterers and grocers across the South of England, all year round. During the summer months Sunbeam supplies cruiseliners weekly sailing out of Southampton.

Find out more about Sunbeam on our blog here

Sunbeam watercress


A real pioneer in the field Westlands produce wonderfully fresh and flavoursome products. Being able to produce unique and innovative leaves and speciality fresh produce takes time, care and attention to detail that Westlands are renowned for. They have such a vast array of products available nearly all year round a simple visit to their website is enough to inspire some incredible dishes.

Westlands are passionate about sustainable growing and looking after the planet and its resources. That’s why they do whatever they can to sustainably grow their delicious range. It’s all about having a healthy and thriving business without compromising on the next generation’s enjoyment of the natural resources around us.

Find out more about Westlands over on our blog here and view the range of micro herbs here,

Ken with Westlands supplier

Ambient and Dry

Our range is always growing with new products and new suppliers, we try out best to provide a broad range of products covering the essentials required. The way the range moves and grows gives us great flexibility in trying to cater for most of our customer‘s needs.

Speciality Breads

We are proud to be working with Speciality Breads to offer you a fantastic range of fresh and beautifully crafted items. Their approach to baking is very simple – they bring together the best elements of traditional baking skills and modern food trends to create stunning breads and sweet bakery products.

They hand-craft the breads wherever possible to add that personal touch and to keep real bread making skills alive. They only use the best raw ingredients, carefully sourcing key ingredients, like flour from family millers and rapeseed oil from local farmers.

Some bakeries focus on producing huge quantities of the same product, producing the cheapest product or making everything by machine. Speciality Bakers like to be different. By using bakers instead of machines, they are more flexible and love nothing more than coming up with a new idea and then watching them grow.

Speciality breads

The Bay Tree

This range has been passionately crafted and developed over the last 22 years by founder, Emma Macdonald. The early days were humble with Emma lovingly creating batches of delicious products in her mother’s kitchen. Orders quickly grew and Emma moved The Bay Tree to their first manufacturing unit and continued developing new ranges and flavours. Today they produce over 150 mouth-watering products.

They have always married traditional cooking methods with innovative flavours and have a passion for tradition but an inherent sense of adventure pushes them to fully explore flavour and taste. These values are still central to The Bay Tree today; making the ordinary extraordinary.

The Bay Tree

Mr Filbert‘s

Setting up business in 2010 the award winning company use the very best local ingredients where possible. Mr Filbert‘s have created a range of fusion and artisan style snacks that are healthy and interesting.

From gourmet nuts artfully roasted in Somerset to their delicious selection of marinated olives, cured meats and crunchy corn. Mr Filbert‘s are always exploring, searching and creating snacking perfection.

Mr Filbert's
Mr Filbert's


Tims Dairy

Tims Dairy was founded in 1949 in a basement workroom in Warren Street, London by their uncle Euripides Nicolaou, who was then joined by their father, Michael Timotheou. In 1996, Tims moved to a former dairy site in Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire, where Tims continues to produce yogurts and cultured creams today. Find out more here



Our cheese stock changes regularly to ensure we achieve the best quality and age for our customers. We work with many local artisan cheese makers to give you a fantastic local choice. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and wishes regarding cheese. Speak to Rob, our Wholesale Account Manager who is also our in-house cheese expert, he is happy to sort out a tasting event with you to make your final cheese choices. Find out more below about a couple of our cheeses.

Isle of Wight Blue

A firm favourite in the office, Isle of Wight Blue cheese was first made in 2006 and is a naturally rinded soft cheese made with pasteurised milk. Sold at 3-5 weeks of age and has a 8-week shelf life, being naturally rinded, it is covered in green, blue, grey and white moulds. These give the cheese bags of character and the variety of surface moulds that grow on the rind will make it stand out on any cheeseboard. When the cheese is sold at 3-4 weeks it has a relatively mild blue flavour but expect it to accelerate quickly so that by the time it is at the end of its best before date, the flavour will be a lot spikier than when it was young.

This cheese has been a multiple medal winner at the World, British and International Cheese Awards, most notably winning Best English Cheese at The World Cheese Awards and Best Vegetarian Cheese at the 2019 Artisan Cheese Awards in Melton Mowbray.

isle of wight blue

The Open Air Dairy

Tom and Neil met at the University of Plymouth and there began a lifelong friendship. Together with their families, they began The Open Air Dairy with a vision for how dairy farming could be done differently.

The farm is home to 800 free-range cows. Nestled in the beautiful Dorset countryside the cows live outside all year round, grazing and roaming freely. To make it even gentler for the cows they don’t even get brought in for milking, the milking parlour is taken to them wherever they have wandered.

This cheddar has a delicious rich distinctive flavour.

Find out about some of our other cheese here


Cooked meats

Perfect for charcuterie boards to go along with our cheese selection or for adding into dishes and topping pizzas we hold a wide range of cold meats including: Salami, Prosciutto, Chorizo, Chorizo sticks, Sliced ham, Cooked ham and Cooked gammon


These meats are created with the care that only the finest deliver. Take the Italian pancetta – it’s made from delicious pork belly that’s been dry-salted and air-dried for as long as 12 weeks. Meanwhile, the chorizo is seasoned with paprika and garlic, and originates from the Iberian Peninsula in Northern Spain.

Everything Charcuti® offer is made to its traditional recipe – so you know you’re complimenting your meals with a touch of quality, straight from the continent.


For convenience and less waste we have various products on offer in our frozen range including: frozen chips, Rays Ice cream, frozen bread, Les Vergers Boiron frozen fruit purees and frozen summer fruits

Les Vergers Boiron

The global leader in frozen fruit, vegetable purees and coulis with more than 15,000 tons of products sold each year in 80 countries, Les Vergers Boiron‘s expertise goes back more than 40 years. Strict selection of the best raw materials, controlled assembly techniques inherited from champagne production, processing adapted to each fruit and vegetable, in the ultra-modern plant in Valence. Discover the secrets of Les Vergers Boiron excellence.

Koffman‘s Frozen Chips

The Koffmann fresh potato range is the leading UK chefs brand for potatoes.

Early in 2021 the Koffmann’s brand extended its range and moved into the frozen market with three new products and introduced the Koffmann’s frites range which includes Les Pommes Frites and Les Grandes Frites XXL.


Lacock Dairy

Luxury gelato ice cream and sorbets handmade in Wiltshire.

Lacock Dairy use sweet fresh milk from their herd to make an authentic gelato ice cream – supersmooth in texture with lower levels of air, fat and sugar than traditional ice cream.  The ice cream is hand made in small batches using the finest ingredients.

We are currently stocking the following flavours: Madagascan vanilla, wild strawberry, salted caramel, mint chocolate, rich chocolate, honeycomb crunch, lemon sorbet, peach and raspberry sorbet, vegan mango royale and Christmas pudding gelato..

No palm oil | Vegan friendly sorbet | no egg gluten free | suitable for vegetarians | tubs widely recycled

Read an interview with Jane Lear, Director of Lacock Dairy here.

Plant Based

We have a growing range of plant based products, please let us know if you wish us to source other produce and we will do our very best. We currently stock Beyond Meat burgers, Tofu, Vegan mayo,  Vegan ice creams, Vegan cheese, Apro Barista Coconut, Apro Barista Almond, Apro Barista Soya, Glebe Farm Pure Oaty and Oatly oat drink.

Beyond Meat

The Beyond Meat Burger is a plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef. It has all the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a traditional burger, but comes with the upsides of a plant-based meal.

An excellent source of protein without the cholesterol.

  • Kosher
  • No GMOs
  • 100% plant-based protein
  • No gluten
  • No soy
Beyond Meat